Woodbury Children’s Nursery recognises the family as the cornerstone for healthy child development and well-being. Our goal is to work in partnership with families to ensure the provision of quality care for your children.

Our teachers are always available for a chat at drop-off or pick-up time, or you can schedule a meeting. There is also a parent-teacher communication diary which is filled out and sent home every day by the class teacher. This keeps you updated on what your little one has done during the day as well as providing important information.

We are committed to working with parents on decisions relating to the care and education of their child. We acknowledge the social and cultural diversity of families within the community and the uniqueness of each family in relation to parenting practices. With this in mind, Woodbury schedules ‘Welcome Meetings’ with all our new parents.

During this time, the parent and teacher will discuss the child’s first few days at nursery and decide on a settling in strategy that they feel would be best for their child.

Nursery Management have an open door policy and welcome you to come and chat to us any time. At Woodbury we are continuously reviewing and improving our practices and welcome your feedback.

We welcome parent involvement and will regularly invite all our parents to join in special events or days with us. If you ever have an idea for an activity or session you would like to take with your child’s class, please let us know as we would love you to participate!